Due to the simplified flight certification we can now offer the Agronator 16. Price for our unit with approx. 20 flying hours € 17.900 incl. VAT. Immediately available from stock in Bremen.

The Agronator AG its growing its business – Your chance to participate 

 We have invested into development over the last few years.

 The course for growth has now been set.

 We examine the investment climate in the agricultural automation industry.

As an early investor, you can obtain shares in this future technology at a preferential price.

Contact us for this opportunity!




The Agronator 16 sets a new Seeding Speed Record!

Our previous sowing speed was 36 km/h.

We could increase the speed to up to 80 km/h through design changes.

We are more than 8 times faster than a tractor, fully automatic and self-sufficient

The area coverage is significantly increased.

We can work 200-300 Ha from a central point within sight without moving the agronator to another location. 


The Agronator 50 will be outfitted with fuel cells

The Agronator 50 at a net payload of 50 to 100 kg shows sufficient performance and flight duration.

The power consumption is so optimal that the use of a fuel cell is suggested to overcome the downtime on the ground and the handling disadvantages of batteries.

Daily flight times and system efficiency are increased. The environmentally friendly electric drive remains the same.

In September 2022, we agreed to work with DHBW, Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, and look forward to being able to draw on many years of experience in the field of fuel cells for flying applications.




 Another Agronator 16 delivered to our customer

We are pleased having invited another innovative customer who will confirm the wide range of possible applications for the Agronator.

The Agronator 50 at a demonstration event in the Allgäu Mountains

Great interest in reseeding clover and transporting fences to the alpine farms








Contract work using the Agronator 16 

Easy filling of seeding materials before further flight.

The spreading is very precise, valuable seed is saved.

Contract work using heavy-duty drones is a time-saving way of spreading seed and is particularly interesting for contractors and innovative farmers.

Please contact us for further details of cooperation. 




 Agronator 16 Specification 

Fully automatic seeder at daily use: 

  • Maximum Weight 21 kg/ 36 kg

  • Payload up to 16kg

  • Diameter 1.65m

  • Hight 1,39 m

  • GPS controlled, Software made in Europe

  • Adjustable seeding rate

  • Terrain following
  • Automatic return to refill seed
  • Easy programming
  • Seeding rate of 240Ha per day/ 8 hours
  • LBA certification “Specific Class”


Agronator 16 from our Produktion in USA   

Our large Agronator 50 services an output area of 1000 ha per day, too large for most applications in Europe. 

We have therefore decided to start commercial seeding using the Agronator 16 at a payload of 16kg seed. The Agronator 16 has been in use for 2 years and has proven itself with various customers.

We use aircraft standard aluminum for construction and carbon only where it makes sense. This makes the AG 16 very robust and inexpensive to manufacture and service.

 We provide training, certification, procurement of SORA, flying permits service. 

If you are interested in details please ask us.    

Take-off and landing platform for unmanned and electrical flying at Oberpfaffenhofen research airport

Additional location: Oberpfaffenhofen Research Airport (EDMO)

May 2020
Agronator AG settles to Oberpfaffenhofen Research Airport, one of Germany’s leading location for aerospace industry. Within the TUEF (Test field for Unmanned and Electrical Flying) – infrastructure, the series version of Agronator can be developed and tested.