Many of the most hazardous jobs of manned aviation could be easily replaced by automated aircraft. Crop dusting, firefighting, product delivery and surveillance are some of the activities that can be done by automated aircraft greatly reducing the cost and risk to human life. The Agronator® team is developing cost effective heavy lift multicopters to do the difficult jobs efficiently. Farm soil and waterway health is one of our primary development drivers. Modern farming requires aerial applications more than ever to meet the demands of an ever growing world population. The Agronator® offers farmers a flexible and quick responding solution for their fertilizer and pesticide needs and can help improve soil and waterways with cover crop application.

✔ 35 KG payload

✔ 4.60 m diameter

✔ licensed in Germany

✔ numerous applications

The Agronator® has a multi-mission capability. With an empty weight of 53Kg and a maximum flight weight of 110Kg, the Agronator® can carry out a variety of missions. The total load (battery and payload) of 57Kg means missions can vary between short duration, large payload and long duration, smaller payload type activities.

plant protection

Agronator® e-Duster®

seeding and plant nutrition

Agronator® e-Seeder®